How to Work Smarter not Harder

We want better results. The question is, do we work harder or smarter? Tell a colleague—especially an IT person—they need to work harder, and you’d better duck or you might find a mouse bouncing off your head. But tell them they need to work smarter and here are the tools to do it, and you’ve probably made a friend for life.

Times are changing

The data era brings solutions that take out the time-intensive, repetitive tasks, not least of which is managing IT client devices.

Why is this important? Because organizations face the massive challenge of securely managing a growing number of employee devices that have access to sensitive business data. Think about it. The person who does everything through a single PC terminal on a single network, in a building where access is relatively easy to control is getting rarer.

What chance does a company have then of managing multiple devices per employee on public and private networks in multiple locations if they don’t do things differently? The answer: no chance.

People are climbing aboard

The good news is device management is evolving. Around 90 percent of firms said they will change how they deploy devices as part of their management processes within the next 12 to 24 months. Plus, Dell Technologies Unified Workspace is enabling a modern workforce experience across multiple devices while simplifying management tasks end-to-end.

Already, the data on the benefits of Unified Workspace are out there. Per thousand systems deployed using Unified Workspace, we’ve seen:
  • More than a week of admin time saved
  • Provisioning devices takes only an hour
  • Core applications installed in 10 minutes when it used to take 2 hours

Don't Work Harder

Greater access to data through multiple devices equates to more intelligent working, pure and simple. It provides greater freedom, giving employees data where and when they need it. And it promotes a greater work/life balance.

It is working smarter, not harder, that often delivers better results. And companies like Dell, VMware and Microsoft are continuously trying to transform the worker experience to that end.

To learn more about the workplace of the future, read the Dell Forrester: The Future Of Enterprise Computing Starts Now.

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Hagen Dommershausen

Hagen Dommershausen, Marketing Director, Dell Technologies. Hagen is a passionate spokesperson on end-user computing and workforce transformation technologies with a strong background in technology marketing, product management and marketing consulting.In his role as regional solution marketer he built a deep understanding of client virtualization helping customers, technology and channel partners to gain full benefit of it.

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