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In our last blog—on the Dell Wyse 5470 mobile thin client—we wrote that brains were getting smaller. Ten percent smaller in the last 40,000 years, to be precise. Well, our revelation this time is that computer screens are getting bigger.

Are the two phenomena related? A connection would be nice, but the truth is screen sizes are not influenced by the size of our brains, but by software and cost. Screen technology has come down in price at the same time as software interfaces have become richer in data, requiring more monitor real estate.

Any which way you like
Other developments in the world of computer screens also include the need for greater versatility. Work environments are no longer just bunches of people sitting behind desks. People now work sitting down, standing up—it helps burn calories—and in all kinds of different positions and need a monitor that can adjust to whatever angle is required. 

Size and versatility all in one
We’re launching the Dell Wyse 5470 All-in-One (AIO) thin client, which addresses these software and workplace changes. The AIO with its 28.3-inch screen has the size to deliver the end-user experience software developers are aiming for. Plus, an optional articulating stand is fully adjustable, so whether you’re working standing up, sitting down or crushing the lotus cross-legged position, you’ll find the right screen angle for you.

Compared with previous Dell Wyse AIO models, the 5470 AIO delivers twice the performance¹. In addition, the clinicians, designers, engineers and other knowledge workers using the device will be able to add a second display of up to 4K at 60Hz.

Deployment ease, cloud collaboration
The 5470 AIO also addresses the IT challenges that are driving more businesses to adopt virtualized desktop infrastructures and thin clients—namely, compatibility, data security and reduced management. Businesses can run their 5470 AIO clients on Dell Wyse ThinOS or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Plus, the AIO is built for easy integration with virtual desktops and can be deployed in just about a minute². What’s more, the 5470 AIO can be managed with the only thin client management solution (Dell Wyse Management Suite) that has a floating license allocation between on-premises and the cloud³. 

Continuous evolution
Our desire to improve never goes away. We strive for things to be better—be they the applications we work with, the screens we look at or the work stations we sit or stand next to. The 5470 AIO reflects that impulse and will help accelerate the evolution of work environments around the world. Following an intelligent and unified approach to IT, we’re striving to create smarter, faster end-user experiences.

¹ Based on Dell internal analysis comparing CPU Mark performance results, March 2019. 

² Based on Dell internal analysis, June 2019, measuring Wyse ThinOS automated comparing CPU Mark performance results, March 2019. 

³ Based on Dell internal analysis, March 2019.



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