The 5 IT Imperatives for the Data Era


The data era has arrived: data centres the size of more than 100 football pitches, annual data growth that could fill 13 Empire State Buildings with 1TB drives from basement to attic. What should our response be?

At Dell Technologies World, Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman, Products & Operations at Dell EMC, spoke about the five IT imperatives for the data era:

  • Develop a powerful, modern IT infrastructure that’s capable of processing structured and unstructured data at scale for AI and ML innovation.
  • Enable a hybrid-cloud strategy that supports private and public clouds.
  • Build compute and storage capabilities at the edge to deliver insight where low latency is key.
  • Build a work environment to cater for 5 generations of employees running from Gen Zs to baby boomers, all of whom are active in the workforce and demanding innovation.
  • Provide those kick-ass devices that will support the new work methods and models as they evolve.


About the Author

David Angwin

David Angwin, Marketing Director, Dell Technologies. David is a leading spokesperson on end-user computing technologies including cloud, mobility and virtualization. Through roles for software, hardware and services companies he has focused on technology solutions for workforce transformation across global markets. Building on his technical background, he has lead global product management and marketing teams and has always looked for how technology can enable business, social and environmental benefits.

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