Forrester Infographic: Innovation Leaders Need IT Services To Drive Transformative Outcomes

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Innovation is required to be successful in the digital transformation process. IT providers add valued expertise, help ll critical skill gaps, and allow employees to focus on innovative tasks that ultimately improve employee satisfaction.* Working with IT service providers allows organizations to shift IT staff toward innovation initiatives. DEPLOYING AND SUPPORTING TECHNOLOGY TAKES TIME USING IT PROVIDERS GIVES RESOURCES BACK TO IT TEAMS Companies must decide whether to use valuable internal IT teams for standard maintenance activities or innovative tasks that could improve business operations and drive competitive advantage. INADEQUATE IT STAFFING PROHIBITS INNOVATION Too much time spent on support and deployment keeps internal IT staff away from innovation. say deployment services allow more time for innovation. 80% Innovation Leaders Need IT Services To Drive Transformative Outcomes DERIVING THE GREATEST VALUE FROM IT SERVICE PROVIDERS Determine where internal IT can best deliver strategic value. Reallocate IT staff into more innovative tasks. Make technical people happy with their work. Methodology: In this study, Forrester conducted an online survey of 684 IT decision makers in manager-level and above positions in Europe, Asia Pacic, North America, and South America to evaluate the impact of evolving IT stafng models and talent needs when deploying and supporting technology and the tools and outsourcing services that will bring benets to the business. Source: A study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell EMC, October 2018. *Source: "The Employee Experience Imperative," Forrester Research, Inc., December 17, 2017. Develop partnerships with the right IT service providers. Read the full study © 2019 Forrester Research, Inc. All right reserved. Forrester is a registered trademark of Forrester Research, Inc. 77% Only 36% have the right number of IT professionals to address their digital transformation efforts. 49% say improving existing IT capabilities for innovation is a driver of digital transformation efforts. 60% use or plan to purchase additional deployment/support services. IT PROVIDERS ALLOW MORE TIME FOR IT TEAMS TO INNOVATE 62% lack IT skills to realize full potential of tech purchases. 44% lack the right IT resources to deploy new technology. 65% are unable to maximize the value of new technology. 70% use IT providers to quickly deploy new technology. 63% say IT providers lower technology deployment risks. 66% benet from the use of outside IT experts. 72% use IT providers to meet growing need for expertise. say that support services allow more time for innovation. agree automated support tools and tech frees up IT staff time. 81%

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